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The training of the coaches at the club is critical for the development of the children and the club. All our coaches have DBS checks and are required to complete a Safeguarding and Protecting children course with British Gymnastics.

Elin Owens is currently preparing for her Level 1 Women’s Artistic assessment. Eleri Thomas and Kate McCallum have also recently passed their Women’s Artistic Judging assessment. Four coaches passed the Men’s Artistic judging course in September, and one coach is attending the Sports Acro course at present. We hope to continue on more courses in the New Year.

As a club we try to invite external coaches to come and work with groups of gymnasts and coaches. During the summer Stan Buckley, a commonwealth coach worked with a small number of gymnasts on different drills and skills. In October half term Joy Sumner, head coach at Deeside Sports Acro, visited the club to teach the basics of team and group work in gymnastics.

The high demand for classes means that we are always keen to find new coaches. If you are interested or know of someone who may be please let us know.

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