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Since the club was established it has been run as a Not for Profit organization, all surplus funds are invested back into the club to be spent on equipment, training and facilities. However, we are currently in the process of becoming a social enterprise. This just firms up the basis of the company, meaning this it is a business that makes money, however unlike a normal business all the profits are reinvested into the company to forward its social goals.

The club now has 2 established directors and 3 committee members, as per the requirements of a Social Enterprise.
Gwynjim is still in the process of moving towards our own venue, following a set back on the previous building we are back in negotiations regarding a possible new venue. Following a request for help in our last newsletter we were overwhelmed by the support that was offered when we have finally secured the new unit, from Electricians, Plumbers, Sign writers etc. Many thanks for that.

Fundraising is also still a large priority for our future move.

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